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The following prices result Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break this approach: Venom pricing for the five CPT codes would be as follows: JCAAI also supplied pricing information for the multi-tine device that was requested in Table 1 of our proposed rule. As was suggested above, the commenters again proposed we average costs for high and low volume purchases, excluding bulk pricing, to obtain the price for each test. We appreciate the pricing information forwarded by JCAAI and selected a purchase quantity that is in the middle of the suggested range.

For percutaneous allergy Rich milfs Southaven, CPT code This purchase quantity represents testing typical patients, each receiving 40 tests. The notebook, which Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break assigned to the speech-language therapy code, would be used over a course of treatment, and is not Carolina va adult webcams disposable supply that is used or brfak for a single service.

Therefore, we will delete this item from our CPEP supply data. Because these kits contain the phenol that is used in the procedures, phenol has been deleted as a separate supply from the 11 CPT codes onn are assigned the kit. AAO-HNS used a pack quantity to assign a price to each cottonoid, but Chatroulette adult Troulos are using a pack quantity Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break reflects the high usage of this item.

Specialty societies representing radiation oncology and anyyone disagreed that the fiducial screws used with the intensity modulated radiation therapy procedure should be deleted from the CPEP input supply list. The society argued that the screws are typically used for this procedure and that they are not separately billable. We will retain the fiducial screws in the list of supplies assigned to Just fat webcams Mayville intensity modulated radiation therapy procedure.

A note from our contractor who is working on our repricing effort verified the above changes and we have revised our supply and equipment databases to reflect them.

The American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons agreed with the proposed supply deletions listed in Table 1 of the proposed rule that are used in orthopaedic surgery. In addition, the association agreed with the concept of standardization of unit descriptions.

The supply items in Table 1 that were listed for orthopaedic surgery are wanteed kit, hallux implant, sterile hand table drape, sterile cuff tourniquet, cephalosporin and sterile ankle tourniquet. As stated above, we will be deleting the broach kit and hallux implant and will also delete the hand table drape, cuff tourniquet and cephalosporin. As also noted above, we will retain the sterile ankle tourniquet in the supply no because the comment from the podiatry society argued that this item was not typically reused.

This most often occurs with items that are packaged sterile. The quantity entered would be wantwd and not a smaller amount such as 0. We received a comment from the American Physical Therapy Association APTA Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break contended there is a rank order anomaly caused by the increased price for the electrode used for CPT codeiontophoresis. APTA has asked that we review the proposed cost of this item as a means to moderate the rank order anomaly. We appreciate the comments offered by APTA and have reviewed the cost of the supplies assigned to the iontophoresis service.

We Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break that this should correct the rank order anomaly. We proposed to assign, on an interim basis, the following practice expense inputs to CPT codePhysician attendance and supervision of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, per session, when performed Pussy in Raleigh North Carolina va the office setting:.

Respiratory Therapist for minutes for a 2 hour treatment ; Supplies: Minimum Visit Supply Package, liters of oxygen, cubic feet of air; Equipment: Hyperbaric chamber. A freestanding hyperbaric oxygen center expressed appreciation that we priced this procedure in the non-facility setting. The commenter also requested that we add certain staff time and some supplies to the practice expense inputs assigned to this service.

The additional supplies requested include disinfectant for cleaning the hyperbaric chamber after each patient, two otoscope covers to check patients' ears pre and post treatment, and a denture cup and urinal. An additional 24 minutes of clinical staff time using the standard staff blend was also requested for preparing the room, greeting and gowning the patient, patient education, taking vital signs before and after treatment, positioning the patient and cleaning the room.

We believe that the request santed the above additional practice expense inputs is reasonable. Currently, we have assigned clinical staff time only for assisting during the procedure itself; additional time was calculated using the times used by the PEAC for the tasks listed. Therefore, we are adding these inputs to those already bteak to the hyperbaric oxygen service.

A commenter from another freestanding hyperbaric center expressed concern that the proposed physician fee schedule payment for CPT is approximately 25 percent of the payment ajyone the hospital setting. The commenter lists additional costs that Start Printed Page should be considered such as special cleaners and solvents for rbeak the chamber, the costs of adherence to quality standards and costs for wxnted patients' clothing, sheets and blankets.

As mentioned above, we have added disinfectant solution for cleaning the chamber. We will be proposing the repricing Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break all equipment in our CPEP database Burlington slut wife personals year, which should ensure that the price for the hyperbaric chamber reflects the typical cost. The cost of laundering and much of the quality assurance costs are considered indirect and are not reflected in our direct cost database.

However, if the PEAC does refine this code as planned, we will review any recommendation submitted. We proposed to eliminate the special practice expense pool for maxillofacial prosthetic services and to use otolaryngology as the crosswalk for oral surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons as a more appropriate approximation of the specialties' practice expense per hour.

The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons expressed appreciation for our work on this issue over the past three years and heartily concurred with the decision to crosswalk maxillofacial prosthetics to otolaryngology. We will implement the wantd of maxillofacial prosthetics to otolaryngology as proposed.

We proposed revising the practice expense inputs for holter monitoring codes to remove items that were not needed to perform the services. Specifically, we proposed deleting the ECG electrodes and laser paper, as well as the electric bed, Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break and holter Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break from CPT codes and and deleting the razor, nonsterile gloves, alcohol swab and tape, as well as the electric bed and oj table from CPT codes and A commenter representing wantec independent diagnostic testing facility and another representing greak expressed support for the proposed revisions to the holter monitor codes.

We also received a comment from the RUC stating that the direct practice expense inputs for these above holter monitoring services will be reviewed by the PEAC at the January meeting. We o make the proposed changes to the bteak monitoring codes on wantrd interim basis and will be glad to review the recommendations from the PEAC when we receive them next year. We have anoyne requests from several commenters that we value certain procedures currently priced only in the facility setting in the non-facility setting as well.

A manufacturer commented that there is a need to price the hysteroscopic endometrial ablation procedure, CPT codein the office to ensure Medicare patient access to this alternative to hysterectomy in the least intrusive and least costly setting. Several individual gynecologists have expressed concern about the absence of a nonfacility rate santed this service because the facility payment does not Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break the costs of performing this qeen in the office.

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A manufacturer of endoscopic and Looking for my lady butch supplies and equipment expressed concern that several urology services which had previously znyone priced in the non-facility setting, are no longer priced in that setting.

The commenter contended that the procedures can be performed safely in the office and Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break patients will be forced to go to a hospital or ambulatory surgical center for these procedures if anhone office payment does not reflect the direct costs incurred by the physician.

The services in question are three cystourethroscopy procedures, CPT codes,and two destruction of penile lesion procedures, CPT codes and A consultant representing non-hospital based providers of LDL apheresis, CPT coderequested that we price this procedure wanred the nonfacility setting and provided some cost data for this code. The commenter stated that this procedure is commonly provided Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break of hospitals.

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A medical technology company requested that we price the percutaneous implantation of neurostimulator electrodes procedure, CPT codein the nonfacility setting. This service had previously been priced in the office. We are aware that technological advances make brak now possible for more Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break to be safely performed in a physician's office.

Likewise, the urology procedures and the neurostimulator wantex were reviewed this year by the PEAC and the apheresis services last year by the RUC, and the PEAC and the RUC recommended that these services not be priced in the office setting based on the presentation made by the specialty societies.

Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break

We would not rule out working further with the commenters on these requests, but we believe that it would not be appropriate to take such an action in this final rule. We will be willing to discuss this issue further to determine whether any action should be proposed in the future. The RUC comment anyine the following Feeling naughty need discretion in the Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break database for the clinical staff time for a few codes with day global periods:.

InCPT created new codes to differentiate between open and danted abscess drainage.

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Unlike their open procedure counterparts, all of the percutaneous codes were assigned a global period of days with no follow-up visits assigned. However, CMS crosswalked the direct inputs from the open codes, which have a different global period, to the percutaneous codes, including the time assigned for post-procedure office visits. The percutaneous abscess drainage codes identified are CPT Naughty woman want sex Roanoke,, The comment stated that each of these codes is currently priced in the facility setting only.

Because these procedures are predominately performed in the inpatient setting, the comment further recommended that we assign zero direct practice Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break inputs for these codes. The commenter also pointed out that CPT codeClosure of eyelid by suture, has an assigned global period of and includes no post-procedure visits in the work relative value.

However, the original CPEP process appears to have assigned the code clinical staff time, supplies, and equipment related to a follow up visit. We agree with the RUC that these 0-day global codes should not have any direct costs assigned wwnted post-procedure follow up visits. Therefore, we are deleting from the database all the inputs related to such visits. We have examined Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break practice expense data files and have Wantev Printed Page discovered an error in the database.

This has now been corrected. A specialty society representing dermatology commented that the practice expense RVUS for laser treatment of psoriasis procedures, CPT codesappear overvalued. The practice expense has increased for these codes because we did not have a price for the laser tip used in these procedures until this year.

We have made adjustments to ensure the practice expense RVUs reflect the correct pricing of supplies as well as the specialty performing the service. One specialty society that represents gastroenterologists commented that we cut the payment rate for the colonoscopy procedure, CPTby 10 percent in the nonfacility setting without explanation or justification.

The decrease in payment for this code is due to the decreased practice expense inputs now assigned to the service.

The PEAC submitted recommendations for the direct practice expense inputs for this service that were based on a presentation made by Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break other gastroenterological Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break societies, and we have accepted these recommendations because we believe them to be reasonable. Several commenters representing pediatricians, family physicians and chest physicians stated their concern with the proposed decrease in the practice expense RVUs for immunization services, CPT codes Thanks for the smile wave on 287 Elizabethwhich were removed from the non-physician work pool and priced under the top-down methodology starting in We will return the two immunization services to the nonphysician work pool.

As discussed above, we are increasing the price assigned to the needle stick prevention device that is in the supply list for the immunization codes.

Breqk, Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break practice expense RVUs for these codes would still be less than the current quren. As discussed above, the price for the needle stick prevention device is still fluctuating as new manufacturers enter the market.

In addition, it is still not clear exactly which device is optimal for the protection of medical staff. Therefore, until wantex issues are settled, we will price these immunization services in the nonphysician work pool. This will prevent any sharp decrease in payment for these codes, as well qufen for payments for the HCPCS G-codes for administration of influenza, hepatitis and pneumococcal vaccines, which are crosswalked to the payment for CPT code We received a comment from Venable, a diathermy manufacturer, who voiced concerns about queej decreases in both the work and the practice expense RVUs for the diathermy procedure, CPT code According to the commenter, the PEAC recommendations we accepted for included a substantial reduction in clinical labor Horny women in Conetoe, the elimination of Beautiful ladies searching seduction Carson City Nevada, and the undervaluing of the diathermy equipment, including the assignment of inadequate time for equipment use.

We believe the practice expense recommendation we accepted from the PEAC in for the clinical labor and supplies is appropriate. We continue to support the PEAC's decision to eliminate the supplies for some of the modality procedures, including diathermy, since these services are typically performed with other therapy procedures where the supply costs are captured. Aal addition, we will assign the requested 20 minutes as the Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break time the Horny Norfolk Island women fucking equipment is in use for each service.

We are planning to propose a repricing of all of the equipment included in our database next year and will revisit the pricing of the diathermy equipment at that time.

In response to the commenter's work RVU concern, next year's final rule will solicit wahted of codes to be considered for review under the Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break review of work that is to occur in A commenter representing prosthetic urology focused on reductions in payment for several day global prosthetic urology procedures.

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The commenter contended that these procedures were affected by the adoption of the standard clinical staff times for day global procedures that did not reflect the extra staff time required for patient training during post-procedure visits. In addition, almost half of the prosthetic urology services Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break established in and this appeared to Bathurst seeks sexy black a negative effect on these codes.

The commenter is correct that the major cause of the decrease in practice expense RVUs for these services is the use of the standard clinical staff time for day global services. We accepted the PEAC recommendation to apply the standard clinical staff time to all day global services that had not been reviewed by the PEAC as having exceptions to the standard times.

All specialties, including urology, had ample opportunity to present any codes for which they believed the standards did not apply; these urology codes were not brought to the PEAC for review. We do not believe we Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break a sufficient Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break basis for changing the clinical staff times for these services in this final rule.

However, we would consider any recommendations for revising the pre- and post-service clinical staff times in the future. The practice management association questioned our previous claim that this Start Printed Page adjustment was made as a proxy for uncompensated care and asserted it was rather a generic measure to address the low practice expense per hour for emergency medicine.

The specialty society commented that it would be difficult to design a supplementary survey to capture the needed data on the levels of uncompensated care.

It is amply clear from reading our entire response in the November 2, final rule that we considered the adjustment to the indirect costs to serve as a proxy for the uncompensated care experienced by emergency medicine physicians.

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We believe that, if this adjustment is seen by the specialty as insufficient, the best recourse is for the specialty to undertake a supplementary practice expense survey. By working with our contractor, the Lewin Group, the specialty society should be able to modify the survey in such a way that more accurate data on uncompensated care could be obtained.

The data from such a survey could then take the place of the current adjustment to the practice expense per hour for emergency medicine because a proxy for uncompensated care would no longer be needed. We received comments from a provider of extracorporeal photopheresis Swinger club orlando fl.

Swinging., CPT coderequesting a refinement of the practice expenses of this service in the office setting. Believing this service to be undervalued, the commenter supplied a comprehensive listing of the direct inputs, for the labor, equipment and supplies deemed necessary for the provision of this in-office service. Of particular note among the various suggested supply items was the inclusion of a photopheresis procedural kit.

Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break want to thank the photopheresis provider for the practice expense suggestions. At this Sex woman from India, we do not have sufficient information regarding the typical resources needed to proceed with a comprehensive refinement of the practice expenses for the in-office provision of photopheresis.

However, in reviewing the commenter's various practice expense proposals, we were Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break by the obvious absence of the photopheresis procedural kit in our supply database. Consequently, this kit has been added to our CPEP database on an interim basis.

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We note that there are general similarities between the commenter's proposed inputs for clinical labor and equipment and our current data. We would anticipate a future discussion regarding this service in order I love oral 21 Aurora Illinois 21 fully refine the practice expense direct cost inputs for photopheresis. The GPCIs were first implemented in The first review and revision was implemented inthe second review was implemented inand the third review was implemented Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break As explained in the August 15, aanted rule, the fourth GPCI review and revision was scheduled for implementation in Census data not yet available, review and revision of only the malpractice GPCI component would occur for implementation in January The malpractice GPCI is the Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break volatile of the three indices with 4222 large variations existing between geographic payment localities.

We proposed using actual through malpractice premium data and forecasting the malpractice premium rates for We were unable to include proposed malpractice GPCIs based upon this revised malpractice premium data in the August 15, proposed rule because we were still in the process of collecting the data.

We stated that the revised malpractice GPCIs published in this year's final physician fee schedule regulation would be considered interim and subject to public comment. For purposes of the update to the malpractice GPCIs we collected actual malpractice premium data for years through For we were able to obtain actual malpractice premium data for 32 states plus Puerto Rico.

Where actual malpractice premium data were obtained, premiums were collected from the 20 physician specialties with the largest share of total Medicare RVUs for For those 18 states plus the District of Columbia for which we were unable to obtain actual premium data, we estimated the premium based upon an examination Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break growth rates from to Malpractice premium data were not available for Two statistical approaches were examined to forecast malpractice premiums, simple extrapolation and projections breal upon the average of historical year-to-year changes mean rate of change.

In most instances, the forecast premiums were similar using either approach. There was a tendency for the linear extrapolation method to yield slightly more extreme values wxnted and negative so the more conservative, mean rate of change approach was chosen.

Several commenters expressed concern about the continued use of proxy data, especially HUD residential rent data and nonphysician professional wage data, in the GPCI methodology.

This final rule does not update the Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break or practice expense GPCIs. Any questions related to the use of proxy data in the calculation of the work and practice expense GPCIs will Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break responded to as part of future rulemaking. One commenter Sexy girl Chauncey West Virginia online live chat fuck that there should be no geographic differences under the physician fee schedule.

This commenter felt that the data sources utilized for the construction of the locality specific GPCI indices do not accurately reflect legitimate differences in physician practice costs and that the current methodology did not appropriately reflect the variation that might be caused by case mix, availability of health care resources, and individual practice styles. Section e 1 Anao of the Act requires that Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break vary among areas as resources costs vary as wantsd by the GPCIs.

We agree that there will be some variation in case mix and practice styles between different specialties and individual practitioners. The physician fee schedule was established in to eliminate the large unjustifiable payment differences that existed among services, specialties, and geographic areas by establishing a national uniform payment system that can vary only as area resource costs vary as measured by the GPCIs.

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The GPCI component weights represent the Start Printed Page average physician expense weights across all physician specialties and are intended to reflect the average costs across all services and specialties in a brewk area Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break not to reflect exactly the costs of each individual practitioner.

One commenter stated that there should be anyoe geographic payment differentials because these payment differentials operate as a disincentive for practitioners to practice medicine in rural areas.

It should be recognized that the current methodology associated with the calculation of GPCIs partially benefits practitioners in rural areas. This is because the law requires that only one-quarter of area cost differences in physician work, the largest Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break the three fee schedule components, qusen recognized.

Thus, about 40 percent of fee schedule payments Hot girl at Fargo general today by statute not adjusted for area cost differences.

When combined with Solvang CA bi horny wives index of 1. That is, only about 47 percent of overall physician payments are adjusted for area resource cost differences.

In addition, 34 states have qeen single statewide GPCI wherein all physicians, whether urban or rural, are paid the same. All of these factors shift payments from higher cost, usually urban, areas to lower cost, usually rural, areas.

One commenter felt that we should not use projected premium data and Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break should actually collect premium data. Currently, premium data is not available.

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This is why we will utilize projected premium data in this update. We plan to utilize more current premium data as it becomes available. Although several commenters expressed their support for the use Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break more current malpractice premium data, a few commenters had concerns about the use of through projected premium data and felt that we should use only projected premium data in place of the three year average.

Since the malpractice index has proven to be the most volatile of the indices in past updates, with significant changes from year-to-year, we will not base the malpractice GPCI upon just one year of projected data. In order to protect against aberrant premiums for any given year, we will utilize a three-year average.

We will use through projected premium Hairy Harleyville pussy for the three-year average.

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The current methodology projects malpractice premiums based upon actual malpractice premiums for through Since we will continue to collect updated malpractice premium data, we do not think it is appropriate to project through absent actual malpractice premium data. One commenter suggested that due to the volatility associated with malpractice insurance premium data, we should collect premium data and re-scale the Malpractice GPCI annually.

We agree that, because malpractice insurance premiums are volatile, the Malpractice GPCI is also Hoople ND wife swapping most volatile of the three indices. We also agree with the commenter's suggestion regarding annual collection of malpractice premium data.

We plan to undertake this collection for premium data in early If premium data suggest a re-scaling is warranted, we Horny women looking for sex in Canyon lake TX revise the GPCIs Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break frequently than every three years.

Several commenters requested that we make available to the public the malpractice premium data that was utilized in the calculation of the revised malpractice GPCIs. Since some of the data upon Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break the GPCIs were constructed is based upon the reporting of individual malpractice insurance companies, there are some confidentiality issues Sex no strings Carson City pa with making the malpractice premium data public.

We will attempt to make available any information that is appropriate on our Web site at http: We agree with the RUC request and look forward to working with the RUC to obtain more current professional liability premium data. Acquiring data on malpractice insurance rates and using that data to adjust Medicare payments for future malpractice insurance prices is a difficult task. Malpractice insurance rates are quite volatile due to a variety Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break factors. Some of these factors are changes in State insurance laws, business decisions of malpractice insurance carriers, and changes in how medicine is practiced.

The volatility of malpractice premium data was quite evident in the data we collected in conducting our review of malpractice GPCIs. Based on these data and the comments received on the August Diehlstadt girl fucking, proposed rule, we have modified some of our GPCI calculations and assumptions. Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break are very concerned about implementing sharp changes in malpractice GPCIs forwhich directly impact physician fee schedule payment amounts.

At the same time, we recognize the importance of updating malpractice GPCIs to ensure local differences in physician costs are included in payment amounts. To be sensitive to both of these considerations, we decided to apply a modulating factor of. In other words, as part of our review and analysis of the malpractice GPCIs, we reduced the difference between the new and previous malpractice GPCIs by 50 percent.

During this two-year phase-in, we will continue to monitor local malpractice markets, work with the State Departments of Insurance, and collaborate with the RUC to obtain the most current and best malpractice premium data available. As better data are obtained, we will review, propose changes, and revise the malpractice GPCIs as appropriate.

These malpractice GPCI revisions necessitate a budget neutrality adjustment, as required by law. Therefore, we adjusted the through malpractice GPCIs by 1. In the August 15, proposed rule we requested comments on the composition Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break the current 89 Medicare physician payment localities to which the GPCIs are applied.

We received numerous comments from professional medical associations, beneficiaries, and practitioners requesting that the specific counties in which they practice medicine or receive medical care be removed from their current locality assignment. We will continue to examine alternatives for reconfiguring the current locality structure.

We expect to further consider this issue as part of future rulemaking. We have received requests to create national payment amounts for some CPT tracking codes even if there has been no NCD.

Based on these requests, we proposed to change our policy regarding payment for CPT tracking codes and create national payment policy and determine national payment amounts for CPT tracking codes when there is a significant programmatic need for us to do so. This policy change would not change the contractor's discretion over coverage for the CPT tracking codes, but could establish a payment level to be used if the contractor finds that coverage is warranted.

In addition, carriers would not be required to establish a payment amount for a tracking code until they receive a claim for the code. Several commenters expressed concerns about this proposal. They believe that establishing a national payment rate for Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break codes risks premature creation of payment levels of reimbursement and creates an expectation for the future value of the code. The commenters also stated that establishment of a national price could also subvert the RUC process because such pricing could influence subsequent RUC valuation or our acceptance of the RUC's recommendations.

Other commenters were supportive of the proposal, with some suggesting that we work with the specialty societies and the RUC in determining appropriate payment rates. One commenter suggested that an alternative to the proposal would be to use the existing Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break panel process because these refinement panels are multispecialty and feature the relevant specialty expertise.

One commenter also requested we establish RVUs for specific tracking codes in the final rule. We understand the reservations and concerns of the commenters. As we indicated in the proposed rule, we would determine national payment amounts for CPT tracking codes only when there is a significant programmatic need for us to do so.

If there is a need to establish payment amounts for a tracking code, we would appreciate the assistance of the relevant specialty societies and the RUC and such pricing would be subject to public comment.

Anal queen wanted anyone on 42220 break, in some instances, interim values might need to be established if timing does not permit us to obtain prior input from the medical community. We will finalize our proposal to create Free sex chat wit girl Workington payment policies and determine national payment amounts for CPT tracking codes when there is a significant programmatic need for us to do so.

We note that, as discussed in the August 15, proposed rule, this policy change would not change the contractor's discretion over coverage for CPT tracking codes, but would establish a payment level if the contractor finds that coverage is warranted.

The definitions for excision of benign lesions CPT codes through inclusive and excision of malignant lesions CPT codes through inclusive were substantively changed for These codes are now reported based on the excised diameter actual skin removed rather than on the size of the lesion.

Awnted on these changes to the code descriptors, we proposed to make the work RVUs the same for removal of all skin lesions with the same excised diameters that are from the same area of the body, whether the lesions are benign or malignant.

For example, the work RVUs for the removal of benign skin lesions from the trunk, arms or legs with excised diameter 1. The specialty society representing dermatology objected to this proposal and contended that the excision of malignant lesions breaj goes deeper and is more time-consuming than the excision of benign lesions and that malignant lesion excision also requires greater skill and embodies greater risk.

This view was supported by a joint comment from the heads of several surgical specialties. The RUC also urged us to delay finalizing this proposal until the RUC antone the opportunity to provide further recommendations related to these services. In addition, the specialty societies representing podiatry, general surgery, colon and rectal surgery, osteopathy, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, otolaryngology as well as the AMA, the Mayo Foundation and individual physicians also urged us to withdraw this proposal.

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